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About Style Finder

When opened, Style Finder displays your shoppers with the dress they originally found appealing as well as similar items determined by Style Finder’s Visual Recognition Algorithm. The user then has the power to select the stylistic attributes most important to them, refining Style Finder’s suggestions of their results in real-time. By allowing shoppers to browse garments of a similar color or any color, Style Finder ensures a more engaging user experience that captures all products offered across your site.

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How does it work?

Style Finder is a powerful visual search engine for apparel and footwear. Rather than relying on textual descriptions entered by humans for each product, Style Finder’s Visual Recognition (VR) Algorithm analyzes billions of pixels across thousands of images and extracts the stylistic features of each product. Once the VR Algorithm understands the style of the garment or footwear, it can then unlock powerful experiences for the shopper.

Style Finder VR Algorithm allows customers to find items that look visually similar to ones they selected. The user is then able to select distinct stylistic attributes that they like, narrowing down their choices to find the perfect style. StyleFinder keeps your shoppers engaged, reducing abandonment and increasing conversion.